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Flower Bugs

Flower Bugs(Family Anthocoridae.)
These insects are all small and are distinguished from those of the bed-bug family by the possession of ocelli and wing covers. The latter are usually well developed but are occasionally abbreviated.

The head is prolonged. Less than 200 species are known of which only twenty-two are known to inhabit North America. Some of them, however, are very abundant, as the little Triphleps insidiosus Say, and are frequently found in the flowers of different plants. Probably all of the Anthocoridae are carnivorous, feeding on other insects and the little Triphleps just mentioned is a voracious enemy of plant-lice, lace-bugs and other small tender insects.

Some forms have been found in ants' nests. The life history of none of them has been worked out in this country and Triphleps insidiosus offers a good opportunity for investigation.